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Yard asks, “Can we leave Mom the f*ck alone today?”

REEL 360

May 10, 2020

By Reel 360

Even in these divisive times can we all just agree that moms put up with a lot of bullshit? From their kids. From their co-workers and bosses. From their spouses. From their baby daddy. From their own moms. Can we also all agree, that they deserve one day to themselves? One day to let their hair down? One day to be left the fuck alone?

Just for one fucking day?

Independent agency Yard NYC thinks so. In a hilarious new social campaign, the agency recognizes that so many mothers are juggling conference calls and working from home duties along with homeschooling their children amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The “Leave Mom the Fuck Alone” effort suggests to loved ones – in a funny and honest way – that giving moms a break this year will be the most valuable gift they can receive for Mother’s Day. Especially during a pandemic.

The campaign includes a social media campaign, an animated film, and custom merch including tote bags and digital swag such as iPhone and desktop wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds.

Watch below:

“Seeing so many moms leading the charge at work, carrying so much of the weight on the front lines and figuring out how to homeschool on the fly moved us to want to celebrate moms in a big way this year,” said Ruth Bernstein, CEO of YARD NYC.

Bernstein added, “As a mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to juggle everything and I applaud how moms are making it work. But we didn’t think the world needed another sad and sappy spot talking about ‘these unprecedented times’, so we decided to cut through the noise and have a little fun.”

Here’s a look at some of the merch:

Humor aside, the campaign also has a philanthropic angle. You can buy everything at, with 100 percent of profits going to charity to help mothers affected by the pandemic.