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OLLY vitamins issues peeper-pleasing creative as it eyes global domination

Campaign US

January 7, 2020

By Oliver McAteer

This is the supplement brand’s first campaign as a Unilever name following last year’s acquisition.

There’s a not-so-new kid on the block, and its name is OLLY. 

If you’re a vitamin fanatic, then the brand’s punchy packaging may have already caught your eye in the supplement aisle. OLLY’s been going strong since 2013 but is now sizing up global domination following its Unilever acquisition last year which will see it spring up in markets such as China, Singapore and South Korea. 

It has burst back onto the scene in its first official campaign as a holding company brand, with help from longtime creative partner YARD NYC. 

Stephen Niedzwiecki, co-founder and chief creative officer at YARD NYC, said: “We’re proud to have been with OLLY from the start. The brand has always taken creative risks and set a new standard in the nutrition category. 

“Together we’ve built a very OLLY world, bringing ‘#happyinsideout’ to life through unconventional creative inspired by the brand’s disruptive packaging. Now as we think globally for 2020, OLLY continues to embrace innovative and creative ways to reach new and existing audiences.”

The new work builds off the 2018 “Happy Inside Out” campaign. It leans on relatable stories wrapped in artsy glory and subtle humor. 

In partnership with mSix, OLLY will strive to distribute thoughtful and human-centric media plays, pushing ads at strategic times during the day to align with the benefits of the product, for example: “Sleep” during normal bedtime hours, “Beauty” on weekends and during the week when we prioritize self care/social life, “Daily Energy” during hours people typically experience lag and ‘Stress’ directly before, during and after typical working hours. 

Digital OOH environments will also be placed across mall screens, office screen elevators, taxi TV screens, transit panels, bus shelters, airport screen concourses, screens on college campuses and digital billboards in NY, Chicago, LA , SF, Dallas, Philadelphia.