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Marketing Briefing: ‘Trifecta of industry buzz’: Marketers remain bullish on TikTok despite rising costs


June 21st 2021

As some marketers are looking to lean into TikTok more and taking note of a second out-of-the-
blue viral moment for a brand, Bloomberg reports that TikTok is upping its ad prices, charging

$1.4 million for a homepage takeover in the third quarter, $1.8 million in the fourth quarter and $2 million
for that ad space during the holiday months. Ad buyers say it’s not surprising that TikTok is
upping the cost of its premium ad units as the platform has grown in popularity and shown it can
have an impact on culture. Per Digiday research, nearly half (43%) of agencies and brands now
post on TikTok at least occasionally. That data is based on a sample of 117 brand and agency
Instant Traction

Nearly half of brands and agencies now post on TikTok at least occasionally.

“It’s unsurprising the rates are going up, and I’m sure for brands (big and small) who were early
to engage with the platform there’s some sticker shock taking place with news of these
changes,” said Ruth Bernstein, CEO of creative shop Yard NYC. “However, it doesn’t change
the reality that for big brands, with the right content, collaborations with creators and a sticky
idea, the buy is worth it, for one simple truth. TikTok drives more and more of culture at large.”

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