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As the world opens up, this is what agency clients want right now

The Drum

April 8th, 2021

Ruth Bernstein, chief executive officer, Yard NYC

Right now, for CMOs, all roads lead back to one question: how can we meet the moment in the right way? Naturally, everyone wants to do the right thing at the right time. But knowing what and when that is has become increasingly unpredictable, which has made brands afraid to try.

Because even though they know that getting it right has big payoffs, they also understand that misjudging the mood or communicating in a tone-deaf manner is a recipe for backlash. Our advice to CMOs is currently to focus on the small moments and milestones that people are looking forward to as things recover. Yes, there are big milestones coming this year, but the small moments that we overlook can be just as tangible and compelling.