Abraham Lincoln is the latest hipster fashion icon.

Since hipsters have made everything old new again, it was only a matter of time until Honest Abe was given a Williamsburg makeover.

Lincoln’s new threads came courtesy of G.H. Bass and Co.


The footwear company refashioned a depression-era penny with a whole new wardrobe ranging from a flannel shirt, to a robe and a Hawaiian shirt.

The G.H. Bass ads have Lincoln wearing shirts with patterns that match those on the shoes worn by models to the right.

Lincoln even appears to wear a scarf in one of the images.

This is just the latest in a series of revivals putting a modern spin on the US’ 16th president.

Just last year, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer’ took the box office by storm. The movie was exactly as advertised, Lincoln killed a lot of vampires.

In 2010, Geico featured Lincoln in a commercial where he was unable to tell a lie – after his wife asks ‘does this dress make my backside look big?’ Lincoln struggles to say anything until she looks back, he says ‘perhaps’ and makes a hand gesture that says it may a little.

Power to the penny.